Counseling and Supportive Services for Children, Adults and Families

SD Center for Counseling (SDCC) is conveniently located in San Diego at one of the premier green buildings in the downtown district. We are easily accessible for trolley commuters (at the city college stop) and also offer underground parking.

Integrative Health Counseling

Whether you are seeking to recover from old emotional wound that has blocked your path to living a happy and fulfilling life, or you are currently challenged by a traumatic incident, domestic violence, abuse or a depression that has knocked you off your course, SDCC can help you regain your strength to meet the challenges ahead. As experienced trauma therapists and client advocates, SDCC believes that there are circumstances, in which, the use of Integrative Health Services are necessary to support the body's natural intelligence and healing process. Our Integrative Health Counseling approach allows the healing to begin immediately to help get you back on track and doing the things you enjoy.

At SDCC, We are committed to treating clients at highest level of care and the individual attention they need to help them heal. Integrative Health Counseling requires the support of a skilled therapist trained in multiple disciplines and modalities. The client/therapist relationship assists in jump starting this process in such a way that healing is promoted and supported from the first visit. Based upon the client’s preferences for treatment modalities, SDCC designs plans to promote optimum changes in health status, through reintegration of the mind and body. Reintegration is achieved through multimodal therapies combined to help clients learn how to regulate their positive physical and psychological responses to stress, to promote recovery of health and well being. SDCC works in conjunction with client’s to design individualized Integrative Wellness Programs that offers a wide range of health care services as determined through our initial assessment.